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New Mexico Store Is Under Fire For Very Racist Obama Signs

The Freedom of Speech is codified in the First Amendment and all individuals have a right to exercise that freedom. Conversely, individuals have a right to use their freedom of speech to speak out about the freedom of speech of others, which is what one racist store owner in New Mexico is learning the hard way.

A little shop in Mayhill, New Mexico called “The Mayhill Convenience Store” is the subject of severe ridicule and rebuke for their decision to post numerous hateful and racist pictures and slogans in their storefront. This image really speaks for itself:

Apparently, the storefront has been like this for years, and the store owner is quite proud of their collection of racially motivated political signs. According to a former employee, the store owner heckles those who walk past his store and asks them to read his many posted signs! That is the hallmark for a classy establishment, alienating a large percentage of customers because they have a different political viewpoint. Who knew Republican money was the only currency which was able to spend?

The Council on American-Island Relations issued a statement and plea for the store owner to remove his hateful signs. Their national communications director, Ibrahim Hooper, said in a statement:

While everyone has the First Amendment right to free speech – even offensive speech – we urge the store’s owner to remove the sign in the interest of common decency and of our nation’s unity at a time of increasing divisions.

Thus far the store owner has been unwilling to comment on the flurry of activity surrounding his despicable signs. However, the store is apparently available to be purchased for a whopping $359,000. Surely the racist signs are part of the owner’s strategy to sell, as being known as the local racist market surely increases the overall value of the property.

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